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Item Tetris Item Tetris

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not Horrible

Let me preface the negative part of this review with some things I enjoyed in your version of Tetris.

- I felt you captured Tetris well; Which most flash versions do not.
- The 'item' system was a great way to make your version unique.
- The horizontal clear item was a great thing to have added on to a Tetris. Can't complain about a five line clear.
- The 'Push Down' item was a fantastic addition. I found it helped immensely.
- The graphics were great; The nuke and hard drop effects were done well.
- The overview of the game once you lost was cool.

Now for the negative, which there's more of, simply because they stand out more.

- There's no soft drop. That really hurts the game.
- You don't get any additional score for hard drops.
- The nuke item makes the game WAY easier than it should be.
- The vertical clear item hurts a lot more than it helps. If you have a bunch of tetris' lined up and then you mess up, have to make a one line clear, and accidentally hit this powerup, boom, you have to use a bunch of line tetriminos so that you can make those tetris'.
- When you pause the game, you can still see the game board. This completely negates the reason for the tetriminos falling.
- When you pause, the items still change.
- If you are a player that uses hard drop a LOT, like I do, then the hard drop sound effect gets extremely annoying, very quickly.
- When you unpause, the music starts over.
- The items changed too rapidly to really be something to aim for. They became more of a 'Well, if I get it, awesome.' thing.

All in all, good game, but it could have been pulled off better. In the future, I'd like to see you make another, improved version, of this idea.

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arandomdan responds:

Very helpful review! I wish everyone could respond as constructively as you.

These will be fixed:
- When you pause the game, you can still see the game board. This completely negates the reason for the tetriminos falling.
- When you pause, the items still change.
- The items changed too rapidly to really be something to aim for. They became more of a 'Well, if I get it, awesome.' thing.

A note about item blocks: they are not all necessarily helpful and it might be in your best interest to avoid certain items in certain situations. The column piece being the most annoying as well as a nuke when you're building up blocks. Some items will have a negative effect on your game...a new challenge to consider while playing!

Ocean Explorer Ocean Explorer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game, but could have been better.

I found this to be a good little time waster, however I must express that I think it could have been better in a lot of ways.

First of all, it was WAY too easy. I got a 1,000,000 point photo on stage one.

Second, I was expecting a much wider variety of fish. The rarer of the fish were the ones you saw every level anyway. I'm assuming the White Tipped Shark was the rarest, because I only saw that once. On stage four.

Third, far too short. You could have expanded upon the concept a lot more, and I think it would have resulted in the game being a lot more fun.

All in all though, great game. Original, for NG. And I'm sure it was a bitch to script, so kudos on that. I can't even begin to think about how to script the point system.

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- FlashGame Source - - FlashGame Source -

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Helpful

I have to say, this tutorial has helped me more than any other tutorial on Newgrounds, personally, I love the fact that theres no copy+pasting, it really does help, I just look through your codes for the games and figure out how to do things I didn't know, and stuff like that. Awesome awesome tutorial, I look forward to more from you.

Block Level Editor Block Level Editor

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad

My first thought when I saw this was of Slyder. You've got a good concept here, I like how you thought to look to the community to help you make levels. I do have a few suggestions though

- Add more! Enemies, special tiles, all that jazz

- Selection of Music, the music got /really/ repetitive after a while

- Options for size of play field. Have one be 50x50 tiles, another 100x100. Of course you'd have to shrink the tiles to fit the 100x100, but you get my point.

- Make special levels possible, like Boss Levels.

- Make it so you can change the background color of your level. Or the block colors (You may not want to do the block color one if you decide on making special tiles)

I could probably think of more, but eh, I don't think I will ^^

Nice idea =)

PS -
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James The Christmas Zebra James The Christmas Zebra

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That was the most random thing i've ever played...

It reminded me of Pitfall, heheh, would have been nice to see some more obstacles, and objectives =)

Looking forward to future games and movies =)

BR's Rocket Rush BR's Rocket Rush

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I've only got one complaint.

And that one complaint, is that the time put into this, could have been put into the next Decline =)

Other than that, awesome game guys, hope to see more greatness from you guys ^^

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The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Haha, I'm not a Decline machine :P

Still, I'm glad you liked it. More stuff on the way, as always!


Matrix Rampage Matrix Rampage

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty Good

I found it to be entertaining, but my main issue with it, is its completely untrue to The Matrix. Neo just stands there and gets bashed with a staff, no blocking, dodging, or anything. Worse yet, I pick up a pistol, and shoot an Agent. Just like that. He just stands there and gets shot, over and over and over. Thats not supposed to happen. Either The Matrix has gotten extremely glitched, or this game is very innaccurate. Though.. You are only human.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great Game.

It was a good game, the puzzles were great.. but.. The story is horrid.

A.) The Armor Gamsees? Come on...
B.) Oh god! I've been locked in a car and can't bring myself to unlock the door! I know! I'll take this screw driver that for some reason is in two pieces, and shove the lock open with my knife!
C.) Why the hell does someone bring a Teddy Bear and a Bannana to hunt down a killer and his gang?
D.) Thanks for feeding my cat, i'll give you this empty blow torch for no reason!
E.) My boyfriend managed to get through those bars with the lights off, and my slimmer self can't do it!
F.) My boyfriend died, I only wish I cared.
G.) Im gonna go fishing with a bannana and a knife! The fish are sure to bite!
H.) I can't POSSIBLY leave home without my Bannana!

Other than that, the game was WAY too short..

FMA Quiz FMA Quiz

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


First of all, that was Brigadier General Basque Grand, not Pride. Also, alot of your pictures were of poor quality, the questions were WAY too easy, and the music was annoying. Even if it was an FMA Ending Theme.

hawk-x8 responds:

I KNOW!!!!!!!